First Food Collection of 2012 Events

ATD in Missouri's First Strings for Food DonationKeith Morehead, of ATD Guitar Repair in St. Charles, Missouri, reports that one of his regular customer wasn't going to be in town for ATD's Strings for Food event.  Here's Keith telling the story:

"I had one of my regular customers email me last week that they couldn't make it for Strings for Food and asked to come by yesterday. They brought 5 grocery bags of food. One contained 20 cans of tuna by itself. The others had boxed foods, pastas, canned goods and about 6 boxes of pancake mix and all they wanted was her Alvarez acoustic restrung. Let the giving begin!"

D'Addario Steps Up For 2013

John Pizzirusso, South Central US Sales Executive with D'Addario, has confirmed that D'Addario is "100% on-board" for iMSO's 2012 Strings for Food Event.  "D’Addario is proud to participate in the IMSO 2012 Strings For Food program, a great event with an even better cause!", John said during a September interview.

Independent music stores are beginning to gear up for the 2013 event.  Each store selects their own date, and organizes their store event.   Most dates are November 9, though some stores will be hosting their Strings for Food event as early as late as November 16.

iMSO member stores appreciate John (seen at left in a D'Addario publicity shot), and the dedicated support of manufacturers such as D'Addario.  They make these events possible, and help feed the hungry.

Past Strings for Food Photos

Jeff Simon of Watermelon Music (Davis & Woodland CA)
For more then 15 years, Jeff and his staff have hosted an annual Strings for Food Event.  While serving as a Board Member of iMSO, Jeff invited other members to join in on this worth while cause. During the 2009 & 2010 event, the staff of Watermelon Music  changed 312 sets of strings and collected 715 pounds of food.

Chris Basile of South Jersey Music (Sewell, New Jersey)

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